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Tuesday 16th January 2018

In order for a DBS check to be valid, all name information must be stated accurately on submission to the DBS. It is the responsibility of the applicant and ID verifier to do this, and both parties must complete the relevant declarations shown on the application form confirming that the details shown are correct and true.

The DBS state that to ensure the validity of a check, the applicant must declare any middle names they legally hold, and any ‘other names’ they have been known by or legally held, that are not already stated on the form.

In addition to this, it is essential to ensure name information is formatted correctly. The abbreviated version of a forename must not be used, for example ‘Geoffrey’ cannot be entered as ‘Geoff’, however, if the individual has been known by the shortened version of their name, this should be entered in the ‘Other Names’ section.

By incorrectly listing the first name and middle name in the ‘forename’ field, this will be treated as the first forename, which will invalidate this information. By entering any miscellaneous information into the form such as ‘n/a’ may also be flagged as incorrect details.

Where information is inaccurate the DBS would advise that a brand new check must be submitted, so if you believe any information requires amendment, please contact us before a form is submitted to ensure any required changes are made.

You can read the DBS’ guide for applicants by clicking here.

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