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Create your own branded online DBS system

Friday 30th September 2016

The rollout of the DBS R1 project has meant many customers have put their plans to pursue e-registered body status and an online DBS system, on hold.

Why wait? With e-bulk lite you can create your own branded in house system today, with no delays.

e-bulk lite offers all the benefits of an online DBS system with the added bonus that when it comes to countersigning, all your DBS and Basic Checks will be 100% checked, countersigned and submitted by us on your behalf.

e-bulk lite acts as the perfect stepping stone to a full e-bulk solution. As soon as the DBS recommence onboarding new customers we will support your e-registered body application and transition you to our customised solution allowing you to countersign in your own right.

To find out more, please contact us on 03000 411115 or email info@employmentcheck.org.uk


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