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DBS Certificate Guide

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Here at Employmentcheck we are often asked if we receive a copy of a candidate’s certificate, or if we can produce a reprint. We are pleased to share with you guidance from the DBS on how they issue disclosures and process reprint requests.

When issuing a certificate, the DBS complete two actions.

Firstly, they send the hard copy by post to the applicant, to the address given on the application form. This is the only copy produced and it is the property of the candidate.

Secondly, they simultaneously electronically timestamp the certificate number and issue date to the online application, which triggers an email from Employmentcheck to the manager who set up the check. This means that very often the company that requested the check knows the certificate has been issued before the candidate receives it by post. In order to view the certificate they must wait for the applicant to produce it, as Employmentcheck are not privy to the content.

If the candidate fails to receive the certificate, they can ask the DBS for a reprint, as long as the following criteria apply:

  • the DBS certificate was issued over 14 days ago, but still hasn’t been received
  • the reprint request is being made within 3 months (93 days) of the date of issue
  • the address you wish the certificate to be sent to matches the address on the original application

If the candidate has moved since their application was submitted, they must set up mail redirection before requesting the reprint – the DBS will not change the address on the application.

The DBS cannot reprint a certificate when:

  • the DBS certificate was issued more than 3 months (93 days) ago
  • the certificate has been accidentally lost or destroyed after receipt – a new application will need to be submitted with the appropriate fee
  • a reprint has already been dispatched and again a copy has not been received

For further information, including how to contact the DBS for reprint requests, please click here.

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