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DBS checks - Adults and Children

Tuesday 29th August 2017

The DBS state that standard Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges, should only check their staff against the Child Workforce and barred lists where required. They would not meet the criteria to be checked against the Adults Workforce or Barred lists, even if students over the age of 18 were present in that educational setting.

The reason being, is that adult education is classed as optional, and not a necessity due to age, illness or disability. Therefore those within adult education are not automatically classed as ‘vulnerable’, meaning persons working in such settings are not required to have an Adults check.

If however, the School is an Independent Special School/College, whose students would be classed as vulnerable, staff are eligible to be checked against the Adults Workforce, and may be eligible for the Adults Barred list check in addition.

Which staff are eligible for the Adults Barred list within an Independent Special School/College?

The DBS define regulated activity as the following;

  • Personal Care

  • Social Work

  • Assistance with cash, bills or shopping

  • Assistance with conduct of the adults own affairs

  • Conveying adults who need it because of age, illness or disability  

  • Also day to day management or supervision of individuals carrying out regulated activity relating to adults


You can see more detail of what each of the above refers to, by visiting the following link; Regulated activity (Adults)

Therefore any staff that carry out the above activities, would be classed as within regulated activity with adults, and eligible for the Adults Barred list check. This may include Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Support Workers and Therapists.


This may not be applicable however for roles within the Schools such as Admin staff, Catering staff, and Caretakers.


If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us via email at SPS.EmploymentCheck@kent.gov.uk or call us on 03000 411 114.


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