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Do you know how to spot a fraudulent form of ID?

Wednesday 7th June 2017

The Home Office recently ran a 6 month pilot which showed document scanners to be a useful tool to help spot fraudulent documents. These are different forms of technology that can assist in establishing the authenticity of documents such as passports, biometric residence permits and identity cards. Although establishments such as the Police and Local authorities may use high end purpose built scanning systems, these can also come in the form of smart phone apps, and also webcam/desktop scanning systems which may be useful within an office to check employee’s documents. These are just a tool and will not spot all fraudulent documents, but could provide you with reassurance of the identity of prospective employees, and help reduce the risk of any potential civil penalties that could be incurred by employing someone not legally allowed to work.

Although document scanners are not a requirement, the Home Office do advise you at least obtain the following to check documents;

  • Magnifying glass
  • UV light source – of a wavelength of 365nm (black-light)

The National Document Fraud Unit has published full guidance on examining identity documents. This covers what to look for when you are presented with an identity document, and what type of documents you may encounter.              

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