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New ID Guidance

Tuesday 16th January 2018

The DBS have introduced new ID guidelines for Standard and Enhanced level checks, in order to align the checking process with Right to Work checks. This enables employers to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out document checks on people before employing them, to make sure they are allowed to work.

The changes tighten up the document requirements for non-EEA nationals who are applying for DBS checks for paid work, so that they are consistent with the existing Right to Work document list.

The verifier will be asked to confirm if the applicant is a non-EEA national and carrying out a Voluntary role and the Routes they are able to go through will be specific to these answers. If the applicant is a Non-EEA National undertaking a paid role, they will be required to have their ID verified via a new group of ID documents that align to right to work documents.

Applicants should always be verified via the first Route available to them as per the usual procedure and will be prompted to use the correct routes via the Employment Check system, based on the details entered regarding the applicant. The applicants may need to proceed through the fingerprinting Route if they cannot provide these documents.

The updated options went live on the Employment Check from 22nd January 2018. You can see the full guidance, including the new documents that applicants must provide here.

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