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Police Force Delays

Tuesday 26th January 2016

The DBS have released further information regarding the ongoing delays with the Metropolitan Police and the recovery plans that have been put in place to combat these delays.

Applications have a 60 day escalation target and currently some applications are taking up to 120 days before the Met are starting to process them. The DBS have been working closely with the Met to help address these performance issues. The Met are recruiting more staff, and also training and deploying additional resource within the Disclosure Unit. They anticipate that these additional staff will improve productivity by 1,000 applications per week. The Met will also prioritise certain cases and escalate very urgent work where possible.

Although recovery plans are in place, the backlog of applications has continued to increase through December, and will only start to reduce through the upcoming months, with the end recovery target date July 2016. The police performance figures can be viewed here to see how local police forces are performing against service level agreements.

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