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Safeguarding through Disclosure Information

Monday 23rd October 2017

Safeguarding through Disclosure Information

The Protection of Freedoms Act requires that a person’s link to regulated activity must be established before a barring decision can be made.  (Some exceptions exist for the most serious offending behaviour).

The link is made by establishing whether someone has ever worked with children or vulnerable adults, or currently does. The link can also be made through the role applied for when an application is made for a relevant criminal record check. This application is a sign that they are currently seeking to work in regulated activity.

The Barring Operations team for DBS are automatically notified if a certificate for a role in regulated activity flags up or discloses any convictions or approved information. If this information does not then warrant the need for barring someone from working with children or vulnerable adults then no further action would be required.

What happens next?

Information is then gathered from relevant previous employers, and the information with then be considered as part of the barring decision-making process.

If the case then progresses to a 'minded to bar' stage, the individual will then be invited to submit representations. If the person is included in one or both of the barred lists, they will be informed. It is then an offence for the person to work in regulated activity.

Sources - https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/651275/DBS_News_October_17.pdf 

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